Atlantic Mission

Search our unique database to trace your 17th century British ancestors.

We are in the process of creating a unique database to connect the 17th century ancestors of Britain and America, to provide a clear link between those who left the old country to build America and why.

Some of this information is online but it is in paid for services buried deep in billions of records and usually only page PDFs rather than fully searchable indexes lying in rich seams of information revealing where your ancestors were from, why they left Britain and where they lived in America. And so much more.

You will be taking part in a project that will build a clearer picture over time with experts on either side of the Atlantic to help you determine the difference between Newcastle on Tyne and Newcastle under Lyme and Surry County and Surrey.

A team of experts hand-picked from each continent is assisting us to curate a collection which will make clear connections between the two great countries for posterity.

Be part of our Mission. Discover more.

  • The Atlantic Mission's contents: Were your British ancestors servants, landowners, orphans, adventurers, soldiers, kidnapped children, convicts, merchants, persecuted pilgrims, slaves, cavaliers or apprentices?
  • Introducing The Atlantic Mission: a set of the very best British, Atlantic and American 17th century record sources providing a unique collection to discover your British roots.
  • Britain Collection- A Collection of Sufferings: “An Abundance of Riches” for genealogists and historians.
  • Who was John Simonds?
  • Atlantic Collection: Why John Hunter, aged 14, left his home in Churchtown, Lancashire, England.
  • America Collection- Cavaliers and Pioneers. Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and Grants, 1623-1666. "One of the great historical treasures of America": over 63,000 unique records by name, patent, date, acreage, river, creek and transported.
  • Tracking Sir Nathaniel Bacon.
  • The Atlantic Mission User Guide to a powerful facility which allows you to focus on whatever interests you about the relevant collections.
  • Timeline of events in Britain and Colonial America including the British Monarchy from 1558 to 1783.
  • Britain: Sent to the Castle dungeons for not paying Tithes on a Goose.
  • Who lived at Mobjack Bay?
  • Subscribe to The Atlantic Mission.

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